Inspired by @marymurphy & @stevecady
  1. This was late enough in November that it counts; shut up
  2. We had to saw off part of the bottom & top of our artificial tree to make it fit in our house. The lighting is totally a design and not because we forgot to check the strings before it was too late. 😒
  3. This podcast is my whole heart rn
  4. I found Jessamyn through the above podcast & she makes me believe I could actually successfully practice yoga long-term...not anywhere close to that at the moment, but maybe someday.
  5. One of my favorite carols of all-time & apparently my favorite this year, which is probably not at all a signifier that I need to get back on meds. 👀👀👀
  6. I want this to be the front door of my house.
  7. I'm obsessed with this; it feels like my childhood.
  8. Thai tea boba topped with tajin-sprinkled cotton candy because y e s.
  9. Turns out when the car dealership swore up and down a few months back that all I needed was a new battery, they didn't look as hard as I asked them to. $600 later I can get to & from work without having to jump my car multiple times a day, so at least there's that.
  10. Important convos with @crackdkettle
  11. literally me
  12. Essential playlist.
  13. I made a summery cake for my mom's Christmas party bc it's her favorite & also I do what I want.
  14. One of my (& my BFF's) favorite celeb couples got married today & I love them so much.
  15. On repeat when I'm not listening to Christmas music.
  16. I didn't post this bc I'm sure it's already been said a million times weeks ago but like, really how do you make a movie literally about magic where the thing that requires the largest suspension of disbelief isn't that wizards/magic exist.
  17. Tracee Ellis Ross is everything.
  18. Where is the lie though.