Inspired by @semioccasional. There is maybe going to be a theme here.
  1. Not living in the South.
    Suck it, humidity.
  2. Smelling like sunscreen basically all the time.
  3. Extended weekday hours at the Getty?
    I'm hoping this is a thing. I work like two exits away & I wanna go hang out there after work.
  4. Beach bonfires.
  5. Living in the neighborhood I grew up in.
    We're moving in approximately a fortnight (dates are still up in the air). I've packed half my closet & my dresser, so I'm good, right?
  6. Getting a new library card from the library I grew up going to.
    The library is in the county system, which means you have access to the catalogs of multiple libraries, and it's awesome. I've lived a couple places where this was not the case at all & it sucked. Also: nostalgia.
  7. Living in a house with a pool.
    I've dreamed of having a pool since childhood, so I'm super excited.
  8. Buying one of these water hammock/raft thingies and spending every spare moment in it.
  9. Lying on my hammock raft in my pool reading something yet-to-be-determined, but probably YA romance novels from the library are gonna feature heavily.
  10. Lying on my hammock raft in my pool drinking salted lemonades.
  11. Lying on my hammock raft in the pool listening to music.
  12. Lying on my hammock raft in the pool eating summer fruits and watching the dog decide whether her love of fruit should overcome her dislike of water.
    at this very moment she's crying because I've only given her two bites of the kiwi I'm eating
  13. Lying on my hammock raft in the pool eating Popsicles for dinner.
    these things are my life source in the summer
  14. Buying an outdoor grill so I can cook amazing non-Popsicle dinners in-between lying in my hammock raft in my pool.
  15. Convincing my mother we need an outdoor fire pit to sit around when the sun goes down & it gets too cold to lie in our hammock rafts in the pool.