Draftmas #3. My first ArgumentaList (™ @kellydehoop).
  1. They could make more money.
    Everyone is so amazed & excited when a production recoups; how would making it available to the ENTIRE WORLD on DVD/digitally or even just in cinemas not increase your profits?!
  2. Britain does it for plays & it's working for them.
    I mean I assume it's working because they're still doing it. Like remember when everyone freaked out for Frankenstein because of Benedict Cumberbatch (even though Jonny Lee Miller was FAR SUPERIOR in both roles; fight me)?! I fucking hate Frankenstein & I saw that twice; do you even realize how many times I'd go see a play/musical I loved in cinemas?!
  3. It's a different experience than seeing a show.
    The main argument I see against it is that it's already too hard to fill seats. So first of all: start out by only doing it for the really big ones like Hamilton & Book of Mormon & Wicked & see if it truly affects sales. Second, live theater & watching it on film is SO different; the people who don't get that are probably not gonna go to the theater anyway; they just won't see it at all.
  4. We don't all get to live in NYC.
    And those of us who don't might not have enough money or opportunity or time to travel there. We are far more likely to have enough money to buy a DVD or a movie ticket.
  5. Art is/should be for everyone.
    Honestly it makes me angry that the popular shows get so prohibitively expensive. I want artists to make money, & I want shows to recoup. But if there are options that could achieve both those things without making the piece so much less accessible to non-wealthy people, why should we not take advantage of them?
  6. They are already being filmed.
    All (I think...at least most) shows on Broadway, as well as Off-Broadway & some regional productions, are filmed & placed in the New York Public Library's Theater on Tape & Film Archive, which is not available to the general public. So the actual work of filming is already done.
  7. I just frickin wanna see Allegiance & Hamilton.
    Like why did I even have to make the rest of this list?! Is my personal happiness not reason enough?!