may you know that we are their 'houstfamily' til they find a new home.
  1. At first
    Excuse my really bad english
  2. Some of the following pictures are taken by @mayla !
  3. One of my favorite pictures of "bianca"
    She is the mum of All 5 kittens, and was very thin when she arrived here. We haven't a new home for her yet :(
  4. "Biene"
    pure sugar...😍 And yes that ist the German word for bee🐝
  5. That's "Bibi"
    Just a nickname, but... she is, like "Biene " already in her new home. She is very lucky there.
  6. One of my favorite pictures with "bibi"
    Your opinion?
  7. That is "bigi". She is still with me, but she will move to her new family next week. She is so cute!!!
  8. Our beauty "bella"
    She is grey/white/brown/black Really crazy colour and a little shy, but also in her new home lucky. She moved with her brother "benni" yesterday.
  9. "Benni" - my absolutely favorite one😍
    He is so ....kind of fluffy?! Yes I know I'm crazy😂
  10. Thank you for reading!