my Introducion
  1. My Name is Amy Nelly
  2. My english is bad
    (And i don't really like my english teacher....)
  3. I looove fantasy books!
  4. I looove the Rick Riordan' books!!!
    Most of all: "Percy Jackson" and "Helden des Olymp"
  5. My older Sister is @mayla
    It's real sisterhood, we trust us completely!
  6. I'm a bit crazy
    (only "a bit")
  7. My favorite Films are.....
    - Harry Potter - the hobbit - the Lord of the rings
  8. I love riding Horses ♡♡♡
    I'm riding "western"
  9. And I love the most kinds of animals
  10. Instagram
    The page of our (mine and @mayla's) cat is "happy.merlin"
  11. I really enjoy playing table tennis☆
  12. This ends now
  13. Sorry for my spelling and grammar mistakes...