as requested by @boygirlparty here is what I did while in Iceland in October. It also could be titled "why I'm going back to Iceland asap". Not my photos, Web search.
  1. Static
    Ate Smjör as much as possible.
  2. Static
    Spent many hours in the Blue Lagoon. I find myself some days thinking it might be worth the air fare to buy a flight that gives me one day at blue lagoon. I don't even need to stay. Just leave airport, go to blue lagoon and right back to airport.
  3. Static
    Icelandic horses are beautiful and so fun to watch run.
  4. Static
    Walked Reykjavik to find all the amazing grafiti.
  5. Static
    Went for a road trip north. There were moments that were so scary I wasn't sure I'd get back in the car to head home.
  6. Static
    The road trip also had the most beautiful moments. I've never seen such diverse land. In matter of moments you could see ocean, forests, volvano, and pastures. So amazing.
  7. Static
    Spent one day watching Rugby World Cup in an English Pub. It's so hard to find places to watch rugby in the states.
  8. Static
    All the food was amazing. The coffee, the bakeries, the sushi, and everything in between.
  9. Static
    It was cloudy, stormy and rainy the entire time. Not awful weather but it would have been nice to have a good day without rain at least! More reason to go back, still need to see the northern lights.