Not necessarily all-time favorites, but definitely influenced my relationship with music from childhood through adulthood.
  1. The Spy Who Loved Me (original motion picture soundtrack)
    I felt so sophisticated listening to this as a little kid. In 7th grade for the talent show I lip synced Carly Simon's titular hit with a slow burning intensity that was received with utter silence by the audience.
  2. Liebestod (Wagner)
    Cry every single time I hear this.
  3. Rocio Durcal sus 16 Grandes Exitos (Rocio Durcal)
    I learned every single word to every song - something I have never been able to do for any other album since.
  4. A Night At The Opera (Queen)
    I checked this out from the library one summer in jr. high and I thought that it was classical music. My parents hi-fi stereo's turntable wasn't working so I was delayed in my live for Freddy Mercury for almost 10 years.
  5. Amor Prohibido
    I regularly think about Selena. This was the soundtrack of my growing up in Texas in a Mexican immigrant community.
  6. Refried Electroplasm Switched On vol. 2 (Stereolab)
    My favorite album of theirs. This was in the background of every party that I attended; in the record collection of every living room where I spent time during college.
  7. TNT (Tortoise)
    Like Stereolab, another band that makes up the soundtrack of my college radio days. The people with whom I danced and traveled with to see and hear Tortoise are the family I chose for myself outside of the family that I was born into.
  8. The Tyranny of Distance (Ted Leo/Pharmacists)
    A few years after college, one of my college best friends invited me to go to their show and I felt like I was falling I love with music all over again.