1. I accidentally attended a cult retreat exactly a year ago.
    10 days of silent meditation with hundreds of people. By day four I definitely felt a brainwashing vibe and it took me 9 hours of me denying their hard sell before they released me. Is there anything more unsettling than hundreds of people and no sound other than the occasional snore and more frequent flatulence?
  2. I started working when I was sixteen in high school at my neighborhood Walgreen's and loved it!
  3. The longest tenure I held at a job was almost 8 years and I quit to avoid having a breakdown.
    I still had one almost a year later...hence the accidental turn at a cult.
  4. Medication and therapy are totally valid options to overcome severe depression if necessary.
    In my experience both medication and therapy are making continued setbacks easier to handle and I think that I'll even look back and laugh once I have distance and I find ways to make situations work in my favor.
  5. Kiki also helps me during difficult times because she is sometimes the Jenna to my Liz Lemon.
    Like if I'm crying and I call out to her to jump in my lap and lick away the tears, she looks at me puzzled and will go play with her bone and not pay attention to me.
  6. No, but really, on the real...she's a sweet, old, little rescue who sleeps a lot and has no time to comfort 39 year-old depressed women because she reminds me constantly that she's good for petting but not so much for therapy.
    She dropped out of school - I think she feels like a hack if she provides any insights, so I have to respect her boundaries.
  7. My name is Blanca. Lists are my jam and it's nice to meet you. My friends call me B.