November 19 is World Toilet Day, drawing attention to sanitation and related health issues around the world. But closer to home, apps can be a fun way to learn and share the reality of sewer and sanitation challenges in your community. Here are a few of our ideas.
  1. Flushr
    Use your GPS location to determine how much wastewater is flowing in the sewers below you. Inspired by San Francisco's
  2. Call of Dooty
    First-person RPG where you track a dog walker through an urban neighborhood as he lets his dog poo unmercifully on streets and lawns.
  3. Infrastructurgram
    Sewer pictures, #nofilter. You can follow some of ours at
  4. The crAPP
    Analyzes your health and dietary recommendations based on the color and consistency of your stool. Inspired by
  5. SeatTempReadr
    Tells you the real-time temperature of your toilet seat. A big hit during Midwest winters.
  6. Buy A Bowel
    Like Wheel of Fortune, but only with wastewater-professional categories. "I'd like to solve the puzzle! ... TOILETS ARE NOT TRASH CANS!"
  7. SewerTour
    Live-broadcasted video of sewer maintenance and emergency response crews.
  8. LooView
    A hit in London, this app would give you a real-time video rendering of what wastewater looks like as it passes through the wastewater treatment process.
  9. "What caused the clog?"
    Plunge a toilet, or clear a bar rack in a treatment plant, until you discover the cause of a clog before the back-up floods you out.
  10. WipedOut
    Compete with others counting how many disposable wipes caused the clog in a sewer in your city.