Menu, guest rooms, activities, place settings, it's all ready for the holiday get together! Wait, did you check your bathrooms? Here are 10 quick unexpected tips that may contribute to your seasonal sanity.
  1. Have a toilet plunger in your bathroom in a logical place.
    Uncle Bob just finished dessert and he makes a break for the john. Would he know where to find your plunger if danger strikes?
  2. Make sure all your toilet seats are secure. Tighten any loose seats.
  3. Have extra toilet paper and hand soap within reach.
    Just be stocked and ready. And you don't need special antibacterial soap, regular soap is fine.
  4. If you have things above your sinks or toilets that could cause a clog if they fell in, move them.
    If grabbing a towel could knock a basket of decorative sea shells into your throne, best to save yourself a hassle and just get them off the shelf beforehand.
  5. Relocate dangerous household chemicals out from under your sinks.
    Especially if you're entertaining and expect young ones not familiar with your living space.
  6. Consider replacing toxic cleaners with eco friendly alternatives.
    We offer suggestions and recipes at
  7. Know your valves! Know how to shut off the water to your sinks, toilets, and even your entire house in case of emergency.
    Last thing you want is a burst water line or a toilet on the verge of overflowing. Do a quick walk through so you know what valves to turn off if you need to act quickly.
  8. Know what not to flush.
    If guests flush anything other than pee, (toilet) paper, or poop, they can cause plumbing problems. No paper towels, tissues, disposable wipes, cotton swabs, floss, and more.
  9. Plunge all your sinks and toilets in advance. Just to clear away potential clogs, especially if you've had a habit of flushing items like those mentioned on number 8.
  10. Do NOT pour fats, oils or grease down your sink drain.
    Holiday cooking is great, but pouring grease and fat into your sink is one way to ruin the post-holiday season. These things accumulate in home plumbing and can lead to major problems.