1. It was the culmination of events.
    Neither scenario happened overnight. They each were results of a combination of bad circumstances.
  2. It drew national attention.
    All eyes were on Cleveland. And the outlook was bleak. http://neorsd.org/45years
  3. The region was panned as down and out.
    "No one comes back from this." Yadda yadda yadda.
  4. Then something happened.
    In basketball, it was Draymond. For the river, it was Cleveland Mayor Carl Stokes. Were they the change Cleveland needed?
  5. New commitments were made.
    The right people at the right time knew what needed to be done.
  6. New uniforms.
    Change the look, change the game.
  7. A new game plan was established.
    The approach that resulted in a bad start had not served Cleveland well. A new mindset was needed now.
  8. Major factors were kept in check.
    By controlling the environment's mitigating factors, Cleveland started to take advantage.
  9. Signs of a comeback began to be seen.
    People could see it. They could feel it. They wanted it.
  10. In Cleveland, a rebirth was realized.
    It was as if bad things never happened. It was a fresh start. The clock seemed to be reset.
  11. Challenges remain, and Cleveland needs to stay focused.
    Obstacles and distractions lay ahead. To triumph, we must stay vigilant, determined, and aggressive.
  12. What happens today affects our region's future.
    Today will be history tomorrow. What will history say about the work we have done? Did we give it everything we could?
  13. Memories can be painful. But pain makes us strong.
    We should remember where we have been and value where we stand today.