Some lists are best left unlisted.
  1. Good taste.
    My gut reaction is that soliciting submissions for "best poop joke" may quickly descend to a point that would no longer be acceptable for this account to maintain as a proper reflection of a public agency. On a related note, on to number 2.
  2. Public records.
    C'mon, all of our social media activity is public record. It's the nature of our utility work. To actively encourage "best poop jokes" without a direct correlation to how specific jokes promote "sanitation education," it's not going to come off right. But I admit, it's tempting.
  3. Can you rank infinity?
    Imagine the sheer volume of possible entries. There is no quantifiable way to rank a practically infinite collection of fecal punchlines. But rest assured, as list opportunities arise, we will embrace 💩 humor and drop 🚽 knowledge where appropriate.