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    Our resources
    20% of the entire world's surface fresh water sits in our Great Lakes. Lake Erie is a jewel that can be taken for granted by its near neighbors, but if it is he heart of our natural resources, its streams are the veins running through our entire region. We are proud of and thankful for our responsibility to protect them.
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    Our people
    Nearly 700 people fill over 200 different job titles here at the sewer district. From operators to maintenance crews to lab techs to lawyers to accountants to custodians, these people have made us an award-winning organization and leader for clean water. For that, and for them, we are thankful.
  3. 3.
    Our system
    Cleveland's sewers are some of northeast Ohio's original "social network," connecting us in unexpected and unseen ways. But we've invested nearly $4 billion in the clean-water system just since 1972, not to mention some of the region's oldest sewers that date back pre-1890 and are still used today. Sanitation is an amazing thing, one that deserves appreciation.
  4. 4.
    Our history
    Cleveland has long been a punchline, but it is becoming a destination for many. Jokes are a part of our past, but so is innovation, rebirth, environmentalism, health, manufacturing, arts and culture, and so much more. We are grateful for these and more.
  5. 5.
    Our future
    The Cuyahoga River is where Cleveland began. A clean and vibrant lake and rivers is where our future must be as well. Our plans to protect them include concrete tunnels, green infrastructure, sound policy, and personal responsibility. We are proud of our role in Cleveland's past, and thankful for our involvement in its future.