The heroes and villains of comic books and movies make for great costumes. But could they also be indicators of career options? The water industry includes careers you may never have considered (we in Cleveland have more than 600 employees and 200+ different job titles), so maybe Halloween can inspire you. Learn more at http://neorsd.org/careers
  1. Captain America's Steve Rogers was a fine-arts student.
    Creative arts? Writing? History? Not sure, but Steve's options would have been vast, including engineer, graphic designer, web designer, or production support. Or maybe working in records management?
  2. Captain Marvel's Billy Batson was a broadcaster.
    There is no better anchorman name than Billy Batson. I mean c'mon, "Billy Batson, QABC-TV, Newschannel 17." Water industry career options definitely could've included public relations or media relations.
  3. Daredevil's Mark Murdock was a lawyer.
    OK, Mark was blinded in an accident as a child, but with his other senses heightened, he may have had quite a few career paths. Water industry career options obviously would have included law, human resources, operations, contract compliance, or regulatory compliance. But key senses may have made him a killer operator, lab analyst, or security professional.
  4. The Hulk's Bruce Banner was a physicist.
    First we'd need to make sure Bruce enrolled in our EASE at Work employee assistance program to keep anger issues in check. But his water industry career options might include lab analyst, operations, or water quality surveillance.
  5. Superman's Clark Kent was a reporter.
    Mild-mannered reporters make great public relations, communications, or public information reps.
  6. Wonder Woman's Diana Prince was a nurse.
    Diana's water industry career options would include safety and security, or human resources.
  7. Metamorpho's Rex Mason was an adventurer.
    Anyone who professionally braves the depths of sewers is an adventurer. Water industry career options would include sewer maintenance, watershed team leader, stormwater specialist, engineering project management, operations, or industrial surveillance.