While we do think it's possible that water infrastructure could have gotten a nod from the President like it did last year http://neorsd.blogspot.com/2016/01/news-could-potus-final-state-of-union.html I was doubtful it would get much more than that, if anything. Here is our list of other things that weren't mentioned but should have been.
  1. Lake Erie algae
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    Blue green algae is a tremendous and growing threat to Lake Erie. What can be done legislatively to reduce the risk? http://neorsd.blogspot.com/2015/11/watch-we-expected-9-it-was-actually-105.html
  2. These people
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    Seriously? Under? I mean c'mon, right?
  3. Microbeads
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    This is big news. Last month, the president signed legislation to ban microbeads, the tiny plastic particles found in hand soaps and scrubs because the beads are an environmental hazard. https://medium.com/p/59debe470706
  4. My neighbor's dog
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    Priorities, Mr. President. http://dogscantflush.org
  5. People who reheat fish in the microwave at work
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  6. How America is preparing for the tardigrade uprising
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    The water bear is a tiny microscopic creature that we commonly find in our work. But should America be concerned about its ability to withstand radiation, freezing, and the vacuum of space? http://neorsd.blogspot.com/2014/03/pic-water-bear-sounds-cuddly-actually.html
  7. People who use Comic Sans as their default email font
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    If anything needs an Executive Order, please, now. Or yesterday if possible.