A variation on a list requested by @maira 👍, via our communications manager JG
  1. Trying new things 👏
    We've explored all sorts of social outreach since 2008. This List App has our attention and potential.
  2. Because lists. 📝
  3. Communication 📱
    While The List App might not be the go-to place for customers to reach us, it could be a place to explore infrastructure issues, water news, and trending topics.
  4. Customer service 💬
    Tips and resources make for great content to help customers protect our environment. The List App could be a good place to feature them.
  5. Projects 🚧
    We're investing about $250 million a year in sewer projects (long-lasting capital construction projects) in Northeast Ohio. Could The List App help us feature the numbers and benefits behind those huge tunnels?
  6. Poop jokes 💩
    Truth be told, potty humor can go a long way in our business. We'll embrace 🚽 jokes if they help raise awareness of water issues.
  7. Randomness quantified
    What I'm seeing on the app so far is a collection of random thoughts unified by an ability to capture and share quickly and easily. There are so many unknown aspects of the sewer networks rarely seen or understood that The List App may be a place to showcase the odd but interesting aspects of the work it takes to keep water clean.