For those of you attending holiday gatherings this year, we hope the holiday drives you to drink WATER. You'll be better for it and here's why.
  1. Busy hands!
    Nervous for family get togethers? Let a glass full of water give your idle hands purpose and direction!
  2. More bathroom visits!
    Avoid those awkward conversations by increasing your trips to the facilities. And if it's not nerves, then your frequent "Could you excuse me for a moment?" interruptions will make others more excited for you to rejoin the riveting conversation!
  3. Less calories!
    Space out the second helpings and holiday pies with filling-not-fattening tap water!
  4. Hydration!
    If your anxiety or blood pressure is high, stay hydrated to help your health.
  5. No dry mouth!
    If you are a conversationalist, your mouth can dry out quickly. Keep that h2o handy and don't let the dialogue quit!
  6. No hangover!
    If you tend to go overboard on holidays, please stay safe. Tap water can help you avoid a rough day-after.
  7. Stay classy!
    Extra points for drinking water from a wine glass or a mug with moose antlers.