Our Fleet Services staff manages more than 500 assets including a whole lot of service trucks, vehicles, and mobile equipment. They all have our logo but are lacking punny and awful bumper stickers. Which is a shame because there is so much we could say! (List inspired by @Nicholas)
  1. "My other car is a jet vac."
    Which would be true. Jet vacs are our huge vacuum trucks that clean sewers.
  2. "I brake for breaks."
    Sewer System Maintenance & Operation responds to emergencies like sewer repairs and preventative maintenance.
  3. A stick-figure family of 650 stick people.
    Employees. We're family.
  4. "You can't spell FLUSH without US."
  5. "If this boat's a-shockin', don't come a-knockin'."
    On our boat trailer. We operate an Electroshocking boat that uses an electrical pulse to stun fish; we catch the fish, study their health, and return them to the stream safely.
  6. "Wit happens. @neorsd"
    On The List App and Twitter, we embrace humor that can help raise awareness of water quality and the work we do.
  7. "My dog is cute. His poop isn't."
    We encourage pet owners to pick up after their dogs. It's common courtesy and protects water quality. http://dogscantflush.org
  8. "Every time you flush a disposable wipe, a unicorn dies."
    Look, don't flush disposable wipes. They belong in the trash, okay? They cause backups and clogs because they don't break down in sewers like toilet paper does. http://neorsd.org/dontflush
  9. "Green people soak."
    We've all seen the "mean people" stickers, but here we're talking green infrastructure like rain gardens and bioswales. They allow rain to soak into the ground instead of running off into street sewers. http://neorsd.org/rain