Ain't no party like a sewage treatment plant party: 7 actual things you'll see at our Open House

Our annual Open House September 17 is a celebration of all things water, but some might wonder what kind of party a sewage treatment plant throws. THIS KIND OF PARTY!
  1. Hands-on experiments
    The science behind our clean-water work often goes unnoticed. We'll have experiments and lessons you can get your hands on safely and even try at home.
  2. Special guests
    From local media to fellow mascots, you can spend your day with friends like Jungle Terry, Q104, Zach the Mad Scientist, and more.
  3. Decorate your own hard hat
    Not only will you get your own hard hat for tours, you'll get all the supplies you need to make it a one-of-a-kind celebration of safety!
  4. Food trucks and free ice cream
  5. Step inside our Sewer Simulator
    We asked our sewer maintenance crew what it's like to inspect a sewer. They answered by creating their own Sewer Simulator to give visitors a glimpse of the underground. The only thing missing is the aroma.
  6. Animals!
    Our work helps protect all sorts of wildlife. We'll have all sorts of friends on hand for selfies (or in this guy's case, shellfies).
  7. Plant and lab tours
    You'll be visiting one of the largest treatment plants of its kind in the country. Check out the 288 acres that make up our Southerly treatment plant, or the state-certified lab that makes sure our water is as clean as possible.
  8. You can join us by signing up at or follow @neorsd on the tweeter and feel like you're right in the crowd with us.