Well this is quite a comprehensive list Amie posed for us. Amie, you may have a million questions but I'm happy start with these 10.
  1. "So all flushable wipes are actually horrible...?"
    The wipes themselves are fine, as long as they go in the trash and not the toilet. The problem is that some are marketed as "flushable," which they are not. They may make it through your home plumbing OK, but the fact is that they don't break down the way TP does. So they float along until getting caught on something or balling up into huge gross masses underground: http://www.amny.com/news/wet-wipes-clogging-nyc-plumbing-and-sewer-systems-1.11153775
  2. "Do you think most people know where their tap water comes from?"
    Nope. Many don't. We manage wastewater, not drinking water, but we do know a whole lotta people don't recognize the complexity of the urban water cycle.
  3. "Do you think bottled water is a joke?"
    I think most people just think of it as convenient and don't recognize the greater environmental implications of the bottling processes. Some may also think that it's safer than tap water, and to a great extent, tap water goes through much greater testing for safety than bottled water does: http://bit.ly/2bYwgQX
  4. "Do you drink tap water?"
    You bet. Happy to. Cleveland Water does a tremendous job. I recognize some communities may have local distribution issues (local water pipes or lead issues or whatnot) that can affect h2o quality coming out of the tap.
  5. "Fave episode of Seinfeld...George pees in the shower?"
    Great episode, one of many favorites. As for how sewers operate ("Does it all go to the same place?"), yes, the toilets and showers connect to a home's sanitary pipes which discharge to the sewer system. In New York, like in Cleveland, sanitary sewage and stormwater travel in he same pipes underground; those are called combined sewers. http://neorsd.org/CSOvideo
  6. "Is Wally lonely?"
    Wally always has friends. Especially fellow Listers.
  7. "Do you love the Great Lakes?"
    Well yuh. Lake Erie is my fave. Our slogan is "Keeping our Great Lake great."
  8. "What do you do all day at your job?"
    I'm the Communications Manager at @neorsd and our social media coordinator. So I manage our internal comms and also work with our outreach and customer service teams. I'm always looking for social content, but also work on media production, presentations, publications and more. But my Google search history did inspire a list that addresses some of your question: 13 WTF THINGS I'VE GOOGLED FOR WORK
  9. "Did you see that episode of X Files...?"
    Haven't seen it but love any flick or show with sewer references. Movies 11 SEWER SCENES IN HOLLYWOOD MOVIES, RANKED or TV 6 FAVORITE BATHROOMS IN TV HISTORY
  10. "At parties, when a toilet gets clogged, are you the go-to person?..."
    Hey, I'm the social media manager, not one of our maintenance crew. I'm not the most handy with home projects but when it comes to sewer bills or construction projects or where money goes, yes, I get a lot of questions and am happy to answer.