The end of a Cleveland football season traditionally means a coaching change, and the trend is likely to continue after our final game January 3. Which @list users would you nominate to be the new HC (or members of the coaching staff) or GM and why?
  1. Head coach @Nicholas
    I would pay to hear his pregame speech.
  2. Decisive, no-nonsense.
  3. Knows how to build a team, cleans up nice for press conferences.
  4. Head coach @ChrisK
    Would ask who's interested in joining a "secret coach" gift exchange in order to match players with the right position coaches.
  5. Head coach @biz
    Because she has a list titled "The time I laughed at danger," a critical trait of a Cleveland coach.
  6. She is an ENFP, the Myers Briggs personality type of many other successful general managers. Probably. Maybe.