Cleveland Cavaliers reimagined in @neorsd careers

NBA Finals are underway and we want to know which Cavs' personalities would mesh with our career options.
  1. Matthew Dellavedova: Wastewater Plant Operator
    Known by colleagues as a "dirty player," no better role for a guy like Delly than a WPO. Knows how to get the job done, solve problems, and clean up someone else's messes.
  2. Kyrie Irving: Biologist
    KI is straight smooth and will dissect you before you even know he's operating.
  3. LeBron James: Chief Executive Officer
    King for a reason. Decision maker, deal breaker, game taker.
  4. Richard Jefferson: Stormwater Specialist
    Jefferson is 94 years old (plus or minus). Old Man River knows a thing or two about the river, including how to keep its banks healthy and waters flowing.
  5. Kevin Love: Maintenance Worker
    KLove is a walking double-double. He's been reliable this post season and just goes to work.
  6. Timofey Mozgov: Human Resources Specialist
    A go-to guy to get your medical coverage sorted out.
  7. J.R. Smith: Safety and security
    Don't mess with Swish.
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