CRAFT TIME! ✂️✏️🎁🎨💩🚽

Friends, there seems to be a bit of hostility between new-to-ListApp brands @michaelsstores, @joannfabrics and @HobbyLobby. In order to help our hobby communities find common ground, we offer our list of craft inspirations! Yay!
  1. How to crochet a miniature toilet
  2. Crochet a toilet seat cover
    If only there was a craft store with a sale on yarn.
  3. DIY bathroom mirror frames
    10% off all frame department purchases. Maybe, maybe not. Show the cashier this list for your discount. Be prepared, they might swear at you, there seems to be a lot of that going on.
  4. Vases, shells, and candles for bathroom decor
    I mean c'mon, what craft store doesn't like scented candles? And shells?
  5. Cross stitch patterns
    Pattern on Etsy tho. Hope that doesn't tick the craft chains off too much.
  6. Crochet a toilet paper roll cover
    If you're on the pot too long, the roll/cover combo makes a great pillow.
  7. Sew a poop emoji
  8. Cookie time!
    JoAnn's had some kinda deal on cookie cutters recently. We hear the poop emoji cutter is their #2 seller.