"Sanitation." That was Finn's answer when Han Solo asks him what division he worked in as a Stormtrooper. Han was shocked, but we weren't. Here's why Finn's experience was so perfect for his role with the Resistance.
  1. Despite the danger, he did what was right.
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    He aided in Poe's escape because "it's the right thing to do." Sometimes what's right is messy, but for the greater good, the great get it done.
  2. He knew how to use the skills he had.
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    Never fired a laser cannon before? No problem. He used his blaster knowledge and applied it in the artillery seat. In sewer maintenence, book knowledge is critical but nothing beats the skills learned on the job.
  3. He knew how to improvise.
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    Laser cannon jammed? Whatev. Rey and Finn worked together to escape the First Order, and the combination of flexibility and teamwork is just as critical when working sanitation.
  4. He was up for the challenge.
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    Rey thought Finn was gone for good, but when the challenge arose, Finn knows he had to go back and finish the job. Of course the same goes for sanitation. Few are going to brave the murky depths of sewers or treatment plants to ensure clean water keeps flowing, but these men and women surely do.
  5. He had insider knowledge.
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    Who else would know the ins and outs of a Starkiller Base like the sanitation crew? Need to fix a clogged star toilet? Call sanitation. Need to find the lone vulnerability in a fortress the size of a planet? Call sanitation.