1. Customer tweets.
    As a regional utility, we often get tweets about infrastructure issues across our service area. This tweet was screen-capped to get to our Customer Service team. Friends at the local utility level were able to address it.
  2. Cavs fandom.
    As Cleveland makes its way through the NBA playoffs, Fatheads are fixtures behind the hoops at the ends of the court. We're hoping one day our mascot Wally Waterdrop just appears among the faces.
  3. Out in the field.
    One of our brave maintenance workers sent us this epic pic of one of their sewer inspections. All in a day's work and it rarely gets noticed.
  4. Awesome style.
    Photo of an employee's parents. MUST. HAVE. HIS. COAT. AND. HER. HAIR. ASAP.
  5. In the community.
    Our employees love opportunities to bring their work to students. This was an engineering career day event at a local Cleveland high school. We are happy to take requests but for Listers outside Cleveland, there are no guarantees.😕😉