1. The Daily Dooty
  2. Headworks Podcast
    The Headworks is what we call the area where wastewater enters the treatment plant. All sorts of things find their way through the sewers, so with a podcast title like this, you might never know what to expect.
  3. "Wit rolls downhill"
    Mostly an entire episode of poop puns.
  4. Sewer University
    We hosted our first ever SewerU presentation this week and nearly 100 people attended. With this angle, we'd likely focus on advanced sewer topics. http://neorsd.org/SewerU2016
  5. The Underground
  6. Poo'dcast
    Might be better suited if our host had a Canadian accent.
  7. A poopy home companion
    Suggested by @hjgjhhh
  8. The Porcelain Throne Project
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  9. 💩 Culture Happy Hour
    A podcast for lab techs.
    Suggested by @npr
  10. These American Pipes
    Suggested by @hjgjhhh
  11. Air Freshener with Terry....Gross.
    Suggested by @hjgjhhh