@List, don't tell me you're not for groceries. I say you ARE, so here's what I'm buying.

List, don't be all high and nightly and try to tell me you're "not for groceries." I say grocery lists are among life's most important, so I'm bucking your app's conventions and grocery listing RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Just for spite.
  1. Vinegar
    Vinegar has countless at-home uses beyond cooking. It can be a cleaner or disinfectant when properly applied, and it can even unclog pesky drains. Recipes at http://neorsd.org/healthyhome
  2. Toilet paper
    For obvious reasons.
  3. Non antibacterial soap
    Recent studies have shown you don't need the antibacterial soap to get the job done. Normal soap and warm water scrubbing for 20 seconds does the trick without the need for the chemicals that affect water quality down the line.
  4. Digital thermometer
    Not many people have mercury thermometers around the house anymore for safety reasons. I guess kids aren't rolling beads of liquid mercury in their palms anymore either. Anyhoo, recycle your mercury thermometer properly and go digital. Some places like @neorsd will trade you straight up one for the other.
  5. Baking soda
    Another cleaning wonder with a ton of uses.
  6. Plunger
    Always good to leave this in a handy obvious location when entertaining house guests. Don't scare Aunt Mamie when the bowl starts backing up and she's caught scrambling for a plunger that's hidden in the back of the towel closet and not under the sink where it belongs.
  7. Pet waste disposal bags
    Nope, dog poop is not fertilizer, as tempting as it might be to think that. It's bacteria count is even higher than human waste. Pick it up and throw it away. http://dogscantflush.org