The NERC held a #NameOurShip contest to name its new state-of-the-art research vessel set to launch in 2019. In true internets fashion, the winner is "Boaty McBoatface." Too bad killjoys said it ain't gonna happen. Maybe we could have a boat-naming contest? We have a boat after all, a flat-bottomed aluminum boat used for fish surveys. Suggestions?
  1. Our electrofishing boat is yet unnamed
    This boat is used during fish surveys. It is equipped with an electrical sonde that sends a current into the water, stunning fish in the area. Fish are collected, weighed, inspected, and released. Please note our Legal department probably says this contest is non-binding and really not even a contest at all. Whatev.
  2. Here Fishy Fishy Fishy
  3. Stinky Bottoms
  4. 💩
    No name, just the symbol.
  5. Ode to Boaty McBoatface
  6. If This Boat's A-Shockin' Don't Come A-Knockin'
  7. Boat!
    Exclamation point is a must.
  8. The Floater
  9. Go Flush Yourself
  10. Coffee Is For Closers
    I always wanted to name a boat this.
  11. Farty McPoopypants
  12. The Poop Sloop
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  13. Flat Bottom Girl
    Suggested by @bdot
  14. ohm sweet ohm
    Suggested by @bdot
  15. Search and Seasure (seizure)
    Suggested by @emg2613
  16. Hanky
    As in the Christmas poo from South Park
    Suggested by @mallofamanda
    Suggested by @fats
  18. Zappity Doo Dah
    Suggested by @fats
  19. Noah's Arc
    Suggested by @fats
  20. Current Seas
    Suggested by @fats
  21. Catch of the Dazed
    Suggested by @fats
  22. I touched the butt 🐟
    Suggested by @Jack_R
  23. Number one stunner
    Suggested by @libedon