Oscar flubs that could have been

"This is not a joke." If the Oscars can mess up an award like they did last night, what other flubs could have occurred?
  1. ANNOUNCED WINNER: Flushable wipes, Most Convenient Bathroom Accessory
    ACTUAL WINNER: Flushable Wipes, Most Mislabeled Bathroom Accessory That's Not Really Flushable At All
  2. ANNOUNCED WINNER: Poop Emoji, Emoji of the Year
    ACTUAL WINNER: Poop Emoji, Best Emoji of All Time
  3. ANNOUNCED WINNER: Medicine, World's Most Important Advance In Public Health
    ACTUAL WINNER: Sanitation, World's Most Important Advance in Public Health. Sanitation was named as such in a recent British medical journal.
  4. ANNOUNCED WINNER: Dog poop, Fertilizer of the Year
    ACTUAL WINNER: Dog poop, Water Quality Contaminant of the Year. Many people think dog doo is like manure and A-OK for your lawn. It's not. http://dogscantflush.org