We're fans of social, so we can see that this Twitter switch announced today will blow some longtime tweeters' minds. There was something special about Favorites unique in the social sphere. But if the icon was going to change, here's our preferences.
  1. 💧
    Does it represent sadness (teardrop)? Or clarity (waterdrop)? Or a fresh take (freshwater)? Or annoyance (saltwater)? So many options!
  2. 💩
  3. 🚽
    "Get this take outta here" or "clean this stuff up"
  4. ☕️
    "Hot take!" Or "wow that woke me up!" Or "wow now I really have to go to the bathroom."
  5. 🐶
    I mean c'mon. Puppies, right?
  6. 🍺
    "I'll drink to that!" Responsibly of course.
  7. 🗑
    Your tweet is garbage
    Suggested by @celeste
  8. 👹 Troller. Do not respond. Should be shunned.
    Suggested by @bkwurm
  9. 🌮
    As in, "let's taco bout this elsewhere" for when a Twitter back and forth is getting too heated/personal/complex and should be carried out in real life.
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  10. 🍷
    "I so needed this today."
  11. 🍩
    "Mmmmmmm. Donuts." To indicate you like donuts.
  12. 🌪
    Use when you are going to block or unfollow someone...as in "I'm Dorothy and I'm riding this twister out of here."
    Suggested by @michele
  13. 🎭
    For posts that are just a bunch of drama.
    Suggested by @BrendanCain
  14. 🐣
    For tweets that are a little too harsh as a reminder that we are all vulnerable.
    Suggested by @sarvin
  15. 🔥
    Suggested by @r_hynes_
  16. 🙊 Monkey beatboxing
    Suggested by @13spencer
  17. 😐 Meh.
    Suggested by @marcintosh