Our team at the Sewer District this week launched its first ever NEORSD app http://neorsd.org/app and we're pretty excited to give it a test flight. Are the following features fact or fiction?
  1. Complete 2016 Open House event guide
    FACT: Since we launched to kick off our Open House week http://neorsd.org/OpenHouse we feature an event guide showcasing our stage schedule, venue map, partners links, and more.
  2. "Choose Your Own Sewer Adventure"
    FICTION: C'mon, we can't have spelunkers going all Indiana Jones through sewage-filled depths.
  3. Poopémon GO!
    FICTION: Hopefully though in version 2.0.
  4. Video highlight reel
    FACT: Our featured video playlist brings you the best, funniest, and most educational clips from the world of wastewater treatment.
  5. Customer quick links
    FACT: Reach our customer service team, report issues, apply for cost-saving programs, and more.
  6. Best of the blog
    FACT: Get the latest from our @neorsd Newsroom blog before the rest of our avid readers!
    FICTION: I wish tho.
  8. Potty Planner public restroom rankings
    FICTION: While clean toilets are a bonus, our concern is the clean water that results from our treatment process.
  9. Get the app yourself http://neorsd.org/app
    FACT: Indeed.