1. Fax machine.
    At least we know the diner specials for the day. And we can get our gutters cleaned for 29.99.
  2. Kitchenette ice machine.
    Like clockwork.
  3. Toilets.
    Still flushing. Thank a plumber or wastewater plant operator next chance you get.
  4. Interoffice Mail envelopes.
    Sending memos like a boss.
  5. Copiers.
    Color AND black and white!
  6. Phones.
    Real people to talk to.
  7. Voicemail.
    We think some people still use it. Hard to say.
  8. Coffee makers.
    And there is still plenty of powdered creamer.
  9. Sinks.
    Drains and taps are functioning properly at HQ.
  10. Social.