Our annual Open House is filled with fun family tours, games, crafts and activities. http://neorsd.org/OpenHouse Here are some that were left on the brainstorming flip chart and never made it to the final Saturday schedule.
  1. "Guess the scent!"
  2. Splash Zone
  3. Gift shop with samples
  4. "How long has it been in the break room fridge?" guessing game
  5. Grit channel rides
  6. Headworks Scavenger Hunt
    Headworks is where incoming sewage enters the treatment plant. We see all sorts of goodies come in, but not many you'd want to salvage.
  7. Corn maze
    No stalks. Just a whooooole lotta corn.
  8. Construction Crane Climbing Adventure
  9. Bobbing for Macroinvertebrates
  10. Electroshock Challenge
    We use electroshocking to stun fish for surveys. Stun FISH. Only fish.
  11. Test Tube Toss
  12. Manhole cover frisbee
  13. Log rolling
  14. PortaPotty Tractor Pull
  15. Clog-A-Pipe!
    How many non-flushable items can you flush down a toilet before it backs up? Place your bets!
  16. TP roll-off
    Which will unroll faster: Over or under?