Star Wars fans have plenty to talk about this weekend: For the rest of us outside of the Star Wars universe, don't fret! You too can have a great time among Star Wars-loving friends with these simple ideas!
  1. Dress up in Han Solo gear and go see a movie that isn't Star Wars.
  2. Go see Star Wars and during the closing credits exclaim WHAT ABOUT THE EWOKS?!
  3. Mingle in a movie line among Stormtrooper costumes asking "How do they go to the bathroom in those things?"
  4. Ask a Star Wars fan if wookies shed, then say "The Millennium Falcon's got to be an allergy nightmare."
  5. Walk into a movie lobby, saying "Hey there's a new Star Wars out? Really? That's big news, I can't believe they didn't promote this more."
  6. Use any accessory you have like a sword, then when your Star Wars friend asks, "What are you doing?" say "I'm using my light saver."
    Then when they say, "Did you just say light saver? It's light saBer." answer "That's what I said, saBer," even though you know you said saVer.