That's right @people, we're on to you. List or no list, Wally's a handsome drop nonetheless.
  1. Not a man.
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    "Wally" is a name, not a gender. And as a spokesdrop, Wally's basically asexual. Fine fine fine.
  2. Not human at all actually.
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    Wally is a mascot. A drop of good old high-quality h2o we strive to protect in Cleveland. And so not really human at all I guess. But hey, guess who's made up of 70% water? Oh that's right HUMANS.
  3. Not alive.
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    "Water is life" looks great on a t-shirt, but technically water is just the H2O that makes life possible. Splitting hairs, I know, but don't tell me the selection committee didn't take full advantage of this technicality.