We asked our Twitter followers to suggest songs for an all-time #SewerSoundtrack and we posted one here featuring some of our favorite water, sewer, rain, and Cleveland songs. What should we add to our running playlist?
  1. Burn on
    Randy Newman
  2. Take me to the river
    Talking Heads
  3. Only happy when it rains
  4. Cuyahoga
  5. Singin' in the rain
    Gene Kelly
  6. Love stinks
    J. Giles Band
  7. November rain
    Guns N Roses
  8. Treat me right
    Pat Benetar
  9. Smooth operator
  10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme song
  11. Song of the sewer
    Art Carney (1955)
  12. Tunnel of love
    Bruce Springsteen
  13. Who'll stop the rain
    Credence Clearwater Revival
  14. I love a rainy night
    Eddie Rabbitt
  15. Cleveland rocks
    Ian Hunter
  16. Flushed from the bathroom of your heart
    Johnny Cash