We asked our Twitter followers to suggest songs for an all-time #SewerSoundtrack and we posted one here http://youtu.be/VtW8RkI3-c4?list=PLMXyCIjY5pAElzaEq9uQgIvbvbuTaEwO9 featuring some of our favorite water, sewer, rain, and Cleveland songs. What should we add to our running playlist?
  1. Burn on
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    Randy Newman
  2. Take me to the river
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    Talking Heads
  3. Only happy when it rains
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  4. Cuyahoga
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  5. Singin' in the rain
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    Gene Kelly
  6. Love stinks
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    J. Giles Band
  7. November rain
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    Guns N Roses
  8. Treat me right
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    Pat Benetar
  9. Smooth operator
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  10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme song
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  11. Song of the sewer
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    Art Carney (1955)
  12. Tunnel of love
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    Bruce Springsteen
  13. Who'll stop the rain
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    Credence Clearwater Revival
  14. I love a rainy night
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    Eddie Rabbitt
  15. Cleveland rocks
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    Ian Hunter
  16. Flushed from the bathroom of your heart
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    Johnny Cash