Personally and professionally, the end of the year is a chance to reassess priorities and see how our last 12 months stacked up. Here we'll compare a few January hopes and November realities. What water-related items would you add to the list?
  1. WANT TO: Keep my work space organized and uncluttered for maximum efficiency.
    ACTUALLY: Laughable.
  2. WANT TO: Exercise more.
    ACTUALLY: Depending on your job, there's no shortage of activity. One wastewater plant operator Christen Wood said she can take more than 40,000 steps in her 12-hour shift.
  3. WANT TO: Drink more water.
    ACTUALLY: Drink more coffee. Or beer. But not at the same time. Does this count?
  4. WANT TO: Treat wastewater to protect Lake Erie and all of Northeast Ohio.
    ACTUALLY: We not only do that to the tune of 200 million gallons every day, but we also contribute to green improvements that keep surface water out of the sewers altogether.
  5. WANT TO: Accomplish everything on my daily checklist.
  6. WANT TO: Eat healthier.
    ACTUALLY: "....Maybe taking more notes will burn the calories of the donuts John brought to the department meeting...."
  7. WANT TO: "Stop and smell the roses"
    ACTUALLY: There is no smell quite like a wastewater treatment plant. But even within the aromas, one can pause to appreciate the work it takes to turn sewage into clean water.