Before I make the upgrade to the new iOS emojis, let's prioritize the best of the sewer-related best.
  1. ☔️
    Rain has a major effect on both sewers and streams. Sure, lotsa sewers were designed to handle rain, but many older networks can't handle the increasing volume caused by runoff. Properly managing stormwater where it falls can save a bunch of problems down the line.
  2. 🛀
    Our data shows water consumption has been on the decline for years. That's a good thing, but it does have an effect on...
  3. 💰
    ...rates. Managing wastewater and stormwater have fixed costs. So while billing may largely be based on water consumption, there are infrastructure costs that must be borne no matter what volume of water is flowing into customers homes.
  4. 📊
    There are a lot of number crunchers in our industry. From financial folks to lab analysts to plant operators, bean counters are easy to find and we ❤️ them.
  5. 🚧
    We build a lot of stuff. We are budgeting about $200 million worth of construction annually for almost the next decade.
  6. 🔬
    We collect and analyze more than 520 samples every single day.
  7. 🍺
    Beer makes you pee. Pee makes you flush. Flushing is our business.
  8. ☕️
    Like alcohol, coffee is a diuretic.
  9. 🐊
    Oh yeah, we caught an alligator in a stream near a sewer once.
  10. 🚽
    Toilet is still one of our fave emojis evah. Second to only...
  11. 💩
  12. Oh, and re-List and comment on this list for a chance to get one of our poo emoji tattoos.
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