Headlines and summaries of some of the toilet-related stories from the last year.
  1. NYC museum invites viewers to use 18-karat gold toilet
    SEPT 15, 2016 — As part of a Guggenheim exhibit, guests can use a gold-plated working toilet in a tiny fourth-floor restroom. Expensive throne, but the flush is probably the same bargain it always is.
  2. Former Florida librarian sues city for exploding toilet
    NOV 17, 2016 — "A former librarian at a Florida elementary school is suing for negligence alleging a toilet at the school exploded, hitting her with porcelain shards."
  3. Man covers face with toilet paper, robs Nashville store
    JULY 13, 2016 — "He went into the bathroom, grabbed toilet paper and used it to cover his face as he pulled out a gun and demanded money from the clerk."
  4. Colorado city uses toilet paper to help repair cracked roads
    NOV 4, 2016 — "Officials say toilet paper was applied with a paint roller over freshly laid tar used to fill asphalt cracks. The paper absorbs the oil from the tar as it dries, keeping it from sticking to shoes or tires."
  5. Lawsuit: McDonald's toilet paper dispenser caused eye damage
    MAY 13, 2016 — "A northern New Mexico woman is suing a Santa Fe McDonald's franchise after she said a toilet paper dispenser fell off a bathroom stall door and slammed into her face."
  6. "Texas' water future: More toilet-to-tap, aquifer storage"
    MAY 19, 2016 — Texas' population growth and historic drought has led the state development board to OK a plan outlining thousands of strategies to address water woes. The plan includes a goal (by 2070) of 28.3 billion gallons of water to be supplied from treated toilet water, a process known as toilet-to-tap.
  7. Battle over school toilet paper breaks out in Spanish town
    OCT 17, 2016 — A town near Madrid sent a school supply list to parents. Among the required items was six rolls of toilet paper.
  8. Rio venues no better than sailing in toilet
    AUG 2, 2016 — The Rio Olympics dominated news coverage in the days leading up to the opening ceremonies as officials were concerned about water quality, or the lack thereof. A study reported Rio's waterways were "contaminated with raw human sewage teeming with dangerous viruses and bacteria."
  9. Thai man attacked by snake that slithered up through his toilet
    MAY 26, 2016 — I really don't think this headline requires a summary, do you?
  10. Inmates remove leaky toilet, escape through hole
    DEC 27, 2016 — Six Tennessee inmates pulled a leaky toilet away from a crumbling wall to expose a hole and a means to escape. The leak had rusted the bolts and weakened a spot in the wall compromised by earlier repairs. So many lessons here.