What life was like the last time Cleveland won a professional sports championship

How much has changed since the last time Cleveland celebrated a professional sports crown? We look back and see what life was like in June of 2016 as we wait to see if the Cleveland Indians can end Believeland's three-month championship drought.
  1. Barack Obama was President.
    It was his second term. Joe Biden was Vice President.
  2. Cleveland hosted the Republican National Convention.
    Donald Trump won the party nomination.
  3. A gallon of gas was $2.19.
  4. A gallon of milk was $3.40.
  5. Spotlight won the Academy Award for Best Picture.
  6. Taylor Swift's 1989 won the Grammy for Best Album.
  7. The top grossing movie at the box office was "Captain America: Civil War"
  8. The Cleveland Browns had a new head coach.
  9. A new car cost $20,100.
  10. Summer water quality was the best it had been in years.
    A drier-than-average summer reduced the impact of pollutants on Lake Erie.
  11. A 1.5L bottle of water cost $1.76.
    The same volume of tap water cost about $.002.