After all these years, Journey will be inducted into Cleveland's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Museum in 2017. And in those moments when you want to answer common questions using only Journey song titles, sometimes a girl can't help it.
  1. Don't stop believin' (1981)
    "How do we keep our Great Lake great?"
  2. Faithfully (1983)
    "How does a water utility need to do its work to make sure customers are protected?"
  3. Separate Ways (1983)
    "If you're having a conversation with someone who just won't admit that flushing disposable wipes is a bad thing, where do you go from there?"
  4. I'll be alright without you (1986)
    "What do you say to traditional tunnels when you decide green infrastructure is a better more-sustainable approach?"
  5. Who's crying now? (1981)
    "Many people said the polluted Cuyahoga River of the 1950s was simply the price of progress. What would you say to those who then saw the river burn in 1969?"
  6. Send her my love (1983)
    "If you could send Lake Erie one message, what would you say?"
  7. After the fall (1983)
    "At what time of year do you stop your beach water quality monitoring?"
  8. Never walk away (2008)
    "What advice do you give clean-water agencies negotiating agreements at the federal level to protect water quality and the investments of their customers?"
  9. I would find you (1977)
    "Some industries try to shirk their treatment responsibilities, cutting corners to save a buck. What would you say to someone running a business that way?"
  10. Anytime (1978)
    "Would you use a poop joke when talking about wastewater treatment, even in the most professional setting?"