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  1. Sorrento's Ranch
    The greatest ranch to ever touch pizza. $5 pizzas but the ranch is what you will go for. Have seen people lick this ranch off a sidewalk.
  2. Peter's Horns
    Pretend you're 21 for the night, get a pair of Viking horns, and get a ton of happy birthdays. Good news is peters bartenders will serve you no matter how drunk you get.
  3. Hem's shot pitchers
    Gummy worms and pop rocks in your shot pitchers...nuff said
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  1. The Proposal
    Sandra Bullock locks naked bods with Ryan Reynolds...no nip slip but the nakedness is real.
  2. Slapshot
    Was Meg's first nudy film. She was 5 and still stuck with her as favorite scene in the buff. Also about hockey so extra points for anal.
  3. Brokeback Mountain
    It's the 21st century, hot males bumpin uglies must be included on this list. Jake and Heath banging in a tent, need I say more? Girls and guys both jizz during this flick.
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  1. Tyler
    redneck, loves the south, would not take shirt off, loves mike's secret stash aka vlad
  2. Kevin
    dad, Modell's employee of the month in January
  3. Vince
    #1 tinder match, pissed that he didn't give me a chance, sad about the super like and no answer
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