1. Sorrento's Ranch
    The greatest ranch to ever touch pizza. $5 pizzas but the ranch is what you will go for. Have seen people lick this ranch off a sidewalk.
  2. Peter's Horns
    Pretend you're 21 for the night, get a pair of Viking horns, and get a ton of happy birthdays. Good news is peters bartenders will serve you no matter how drunk you get.
  3. Hem's shot pitchers
    Gummy worms and pop rocks in your shot pitchers...nuff said
  4. The 3813 Basement postgame
    The humble abode of Nat, Meg, and Jen. Basement includes kitchen bathroom and couches so prepare for a post bar night for the books. The speakers may shake our slanted house but the Svedka will keep flowing till the sun comes up...or until everyone passes out.
  5. Steph will blackout
    You may have thought you've seen Steph at her finest in Naples but you haven't seen her in her natural habitat. Get ready to see Steph shake her moneymaker on Peter's dancefloor, hopefully she'll rally for the cause.
  6. Natalie is single AF
    Self explanatory. Single Natalie is way more fun.