I have a problem where I headbang even when the music is not headbangable. It's very inappropriate but my style of dance. I can assure you I was head banging through all of this
    (Me on the left) arrived late b/c I had work & we had to pick up weed & then pregame before getting there. Didn't miss anyone important tho.
  2. Bjork
    She was wearing a suit that made her look kind of like a chicken & the way the lights would hit it I could never tell what color it was initially. I've never really listened to her & her music was kind of weird but she had great stage presence. This set was when I started getting really high so that fucked with me a bit
  3. Missy Elliot
    Friday was a LONG day for me to as we were waiting for Missy I sat on the ground & nearly fell asleep. That being said she was GREAT & there were some dancers on stage just fucking strutting their stuff the whole time it was inspirational. My feet were in so much pain by the end of it.
  4. Thee oh sees
    Almost didn't go b/c we were exhausted but I am SO glad we did. It was way smaller than the other venues b/c thee oh sees aren't as popular of a band but we came late so had to squeeze our way to the front/mosh pit. My friends went to the front & I moshed & had a fucking blast. I love thee oh sees & they were one of the reasons I came to the festival initially. My shirt nearly flew off a few times tho. One of the best sets of the festival
    (Me on the right) this was a fun ass day. Went to the beach & got a free parking spot directly on the PCH. Arrived right on time & had time to squeeze into a bathroom stall & do our business tho
  6. MGMT
    My friends were definitely feeling it more than I was but we met up with some other friends I hadn't seen in a long time which was super awesome. Very little room to dance/breathe & the screen was really fucking with my head b/c it kept playing these trippy effects. V good tho I wish I knew more of their music
  7. King Krule
    #1 set of the entire festival. I fucking adore king krule I've been listening to him for years & trying to see him in concert but he never tours or plays anywhere so I was so fucking happy to see him here. On top of that this set was when the molly started to kick in so I was just on top of the world. His voice is so pure & deep & ridiculous he is 22 & sounds like he's been smoking 2 packs a day for 20 years. Sounds JUST like he does on record live it was phenomenal
  8. A Tribe Called Quest
    I was fully rolling at this point & having the best time. Couldn't stop moving & dancing & my friends & I were having so much fun. Old school hip hop/rap is my SHIT like it's my preferred genre of music so this was another reason I came to the festival. Right at the end some rando guys that snuck into FYF snatched up my 2 friends & started making out with them & it left me feeling like the ugly friend. Bc of the death of Phife this was their last EVER show in LA which was so cool to be a part of
  9. Some random DJ? His name may have been daniel?
    Just a filler because we had an hour before Frank. Still with the guys & I was just really annoyed & sulking the whole time. The DJ was bad & it did not help my mood
  10. Frank Ocean
    Wow. phenomenal. There were moments when the entire stadium of 3000 people was completely SILENT due to his talent. I re-upped right before this so I was out of my bad mood & rolling again & decided not to let the fact that my friends were being assholes ruin my festival so I made some friends & moved away from the people I came with & like 20 minutes into our conversation I found out that they all go to UCSB which is where I'm going next year. Frank is so ridiculously talented I'm still in awe
    Frank was the end of night 2 & my friends were still with the guys & when it ended I met back up with them & they said goodbye & as soon as they walked away my friends were talking about how annoying those guys were & that they weren't even cute & about how they were horrible kissers & it made me feel a lot better & I made them grovel b/c I was the one who drove to & from LA so they were indebted to me
  12. SUNDAY
    (Me on left F) we were almost late to cherry glazerr b/c my friends lagged but all was well & we made it on time so I was happy
  13. Cherry Glazerr
    HOT AS HELL b/c it was in the middle of the day but so worth it I've seen cherry glazerr 3 times before this & they did not fail to deliver. They played some stuff I wasn't familiar with which was kind of odd but it was good nonetheless. I was super drunk at this point so havin the best time but so sweaty. Stumbled into one of my friends from y&g & had a nice talk with him right before they started.
  14. Ty Segall
    Another one of my favs from the fest. A friend of mine who couldn't afford to go but absolutely should have been there's favorite artist is Ty Segall so I took some videos for her & then moshed like there was no tomorrow. Lost my watch & never found it, almost had an asthma attack in the middle of the pit, got elbowed/shoved/hit in the same part of the shoulder like 10 times & I have a gnarly bruise, & my new flame shoes got completely fucking thrashed but I had so much fun
  15. Mac Demarco
    Came halfway into his set b/c of Ty but it all worked out b/c we made our way to the front ish by looking for my friend who we never found & ended up next to a super cute guy + his friends who we all chatted with. Mac was so good I love him & he closed with Chamber of Reflection & everyone was just so happy. At the end of a show Mac always crowdsurfs & the cute boy I was standing with offered to put me on his shoulders & I touched Mac's foot #thx Never got contact info & I'm mad at myself for it
  16. Iggy Pop
    WOOOOW. All I have to say. There were so many people there so we were way in the back next to some speakers & I think one of my ear drums busted but this was such a good set wow wow wow. Fun to listen to high off ur ass
  17. Solange
    Only saw her as a filler & didn't know who she was before this day but she was so talented & had such great stage presence. We sat in the back & just chilled & listened & a little girl near us had a bubble machine which made our weekends b/c we had been talking about bubbles for the last 3 days straight
  18. Run the Jewels
    I've never listened to them before but everyone else in the crowd seemed to. Had a fucking blast they were so good at keeping a crowd hype. There was one song about a "dick in her mouth all day" & I loved it. Brought out TWO different featured artists to be in one song. You could tell they really loved being on stage & performing which made the set so much better. They also made some commentary about guys going up to girls & just grabbing them & putting their dicks on their asses which was funny
  19. Nine inch nails
    Only saw them for about 20 minutes but they were kind of eh. Didn't listen to them as a child so I wasn't having a great time. Left to hang out with a y&g friend (the one I never found at Mac Demarco) & had a great time with him talking & him & his friend had special "guest passes" & they brought me through their special area where the trailers for the artists were it was super cool