1. "guys I need pussy before I die."
  2. "Corbin in the house."
  4. "preppy McGhee"
  5. "I wanna see how far I can get with this guy, I asked him to send the meat, let's get some dick pics"
  6. "dude she's so dank"
    THIS WAS IN REFERENCE TO HIS MOTHER. in his defense, she is pretty dank.
  7. "my sister and I been making pancakes with lean syrup, anyone want some?
  8. "I call you JC silly"
  9. "not gonna lie, he's a pretty handsome man, what??? it's not gay if you're related to them."
    about his father
  10. "no but dead serious it tastes like watered down Elmer's glue."
  11. "he's like Spider-Man with a gun
  12. "this is like watching old men fuck"
  13. "one time I started sweating in class so hard"
  14. "I owe Hillary my life."
    Hillary as in Hillary Clinton, whom he and every member of his family is in love with.
  15. he thought that Helen Keller was the name of the blind girl at our school
    not a direct quote, but it fits very well into this list so I decided I would add it
  16. "not even pussy secretions, pussy juice"
  17. "I watch masters of sex on HBO, therefore I am a master of sex."
  18. "I had a bunch of weird sex dreams with Brooke a few weeks ago"
  19. "I had another shower dream and you were in it this time, Waverly"
  20. "I just like to smell cleaning products and stuff"
  21. "you wanna make out at the Anne frank house?
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    looking like this
  22. "sicilia, this isn't about what I want, this is about what your family needs"
    while grabbing three loaves of bread & trying to hide them inside of his jacket
  23. "I look in the mirror and all I see is a meme staring back"
  24. "prejudism"
    while giving a report in front of the class
  25. "I'm on a God tier level of silliness"
  26. "my legs are itchy, that's when I know I'm fuckin out of it"
  27. "I can dance to funeral music"
  28. "I'm like, keeping all the silly at bay."
  29. "h0t s1lly"
  30. "shut. the. fuck. up. DAMN. I don't speak mayonnaise."
  31. "mom, fight night was fucking amazing."
  32. "Ed Edd and Andy"
  33. "Spencer are you about to throw up?" "No it's just the consumerism it's making me sick."
  34. "mayo move slow, gypsy move fast."
  35. "I am a sick boy McGhee"
  36. "She has he softest baby old lady hands. they're super soft & I expected them to be super leathery"
    about meeting Hillary Clinton
  37. "there's all these dragonflies everywhere, I can't concentrate."
  38. "that boy has my SAUCE"
  39. "what are you drinking? iced tea?"
    "pussy sauce"