Inspired by @yikes and @dax
  1. Spend more money on slurpees than on any other delicacy
    There is only one 7-11 left in my city & the people who work there know me & my friends.
  2. Hook up with someone in the California State Capitol
    I've never been prouder of something that I've done—EVER.
  3. Floss my teeth
    Every day!! I believe in nothing more than I believe in the power of dental floss.
  4. Make costume changes during the middle of the day regularly
    Usually this involves wearing pants over a dress & taking them off between classes.
  5. Put my fist in my mouth. All the time.
    As well as ask strangers to do it with me.
  6. Almost prostitute myself so a boy will buy a box of Girl Scout cookies from me on behalf of my friend
    He didn't end up buying any but I got out of that sitch before he tried anything. & on that note:
  7. Become an entrepreneur
    Selling Girl Scout cookies at parties is the BEST idea. Everyone is either struck with the munchies or not in a coherent enough state of mind to realize they don't need the cookies right that second.
  8. Wear sunglasses rain or shine
    I love that it makes me look like a celeb trying to fly under the radar.
  9. Make "bigger blacker ______" jokes all the time
    Name one situation where it wouldn't be funny.
  10. Make coat hanger abortion jokes occasionally
    Tasteless and crude but make for a good laugh if you're with the right group of people.
  11. Pay a friend to write a research paper for me
    This was a really bad idea but I'm surprised it took me until senior year to do it.
  12. Go off campus to get curly fries from jack in the box
    At least once a week & we never get anything else.
  13. Forget to add +C at the end of all of my antiderivatives
    I'm making this list instead of studying for my calculus test tomorrow.
  14. Not my homework
    All I do when I get home from rehearsal every night is brush my teeth and go to bed.
  15. Manage to get 3 F's to 3 B's in two weeks
    All in honors/AP classes, so pretty much an A.
  16. Caption photos with "senior year so what who cares"
    Continuing a legacy #senioryearsowhatwhocares
  17. Post about how upset I am at the current political state we're in on Facebook
    I have two types of Facebook friends: people my age who I met through what is essentially government nerd camp, and conservative family members.