I've had this saved as a draft for about 2 years, just waiting for the right thing to send it over the edge enough to post. He is 13 now.
  1. standing at the computer watching a video on how to do some dance fad & practicing it
  2. watching a YouTube video that said the word fuck, & freaking out & turning it off
  3. skype messaging with a 16 y/o girl saying that he was 15
    he is 11
  4. eating a bowl of salt
  5. clipping his toenails at the office desk
    when I asked him why he was doing this, he said it was "because he was bored"
  6. Screaming/rapping along to the lil uzi song that goes "all my friends are dead"
  7. Eating a full bag of jalapeño chips at 8 in the morning