Knock on wood that none of these are in my future
  1. the person who stands outside on the drive thru line at fast food restaurants
    especially in places with extreme weather
  2. Journalist for Buzzfeed/Cosmopolitan etc. snapchat stories
  3. AP teacher
    AP kids are always the brattiest & cockiest & think they can just get away with being disrespectful & obnoxious & it be fine because they're naturally intelligent
  4. school janitor
    Irks me to no end to see trash floating around my campus imagine having to pick all of that up AS WELL AS clean all of the classrooms & if somebody throws up you have to deal with it. No one has respect for janitors & but they do the most
  5. maid at a hotel on the night of any high school dance
  6. substitute janitor
    I recently discovered this was real & I'm ....... in awe
  7. College admissions counselor
    I can think of nothing worse than dealing with kids who are upset about not getting into your school
  8. Uber/lyft driver
    Every night is a new chance for somebody to puke in your new car
  9. President of the United States
    Statistically just under half of the country (or more) is going to hate you & be scrutinizing every single thing you do because partisan politics are the worst. Also the pressure is ON 24 fucking 7 for four or even EIGHT years. What you do affects millions of people & that scares the shit out of me