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  1. I don't want to pay for something I know will make me sad/angry.
  2. Two and a half hours before in-theater commercials and previews is a big chunk of time to carve out of the day and a recipe for a nap at night.
  3. The ethos behind Man of Steel makes me physically mad when I discuss it with others and that's dumb.
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Heres a list of things I watched/read for the month.
  1. Interstellar
    It's on Amazon Prime and I had to stop an hour and 15 minutes in because I started to fall asleep and my wife berated me for doing so.
  2. Bone Tomahawk
  3. Meet Me There
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CM Punk is a man who has quite the romantic history in the world of pro wrestling.
  1. Michelle Beadle
  2. Maria Kanellis
  3. Lita
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  1. Make a list of beers you drank while watching The Office
  2. Be a cast member on a show he was on
  3. Add something new and unique to The List App®
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It's one of the leaders in licensed freemium entertainment based tapping mobile games, but can it improve? The answer is yes.
  1. Every time I eat a donut in real life, I get a donut in the game.
  2. Get rid of Krustyland.
  3. Give higher level characters something to do besides shop at the Kwik E Mart
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  1. The list of 50 scariest movies of all time really could go either way because of AFI's constant use of Halloween imagery.
  2. One time my brother said we should go to an AFI concert, and I thought it strange that a bunch of old movie snobs would sell tickets to a gathering, let alone one where they played music.
  3. AFI's 100 Greatest Murder Mysteries made me think of the song Miss Murder.
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  1. Dung
  2. Ringo
  3. Carrier
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  1. Dipshit
  2. Asshole
  3. Fuckface
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  1. Our bed is too small for this to become a "thing."
  2. His rhythmic breathing is very reassuring.
  3. How do I arrange things in his room so I can still utilize the outlet where he started pulling cords out?
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  1. Life takes you to mysterious places sometimes. I feel like it all began when I was younger, creating stories by my lonesome as a student of life. In a way, creating was my only escape from destroying, and destroying is a wholly human concept. What animal destroys for the sake of destruction? Even when a badger builds a dam, they still have a purpos
  2. This app is bullshit.