San Diego Comic Con is right around the corner, and we have some tips to be prepared for the weekend. Whether you're sweating it up in your Batman cosplay or spending your dough in the dealer's hall, we'll make sure you survive the weekend and have the best time ever! (insp. by
  1. Prepare Your Wardrobe
    Now is the time to wash anything that you haven't cleaned since last year's con. Make sure you have everything you need, from your hats to your shoes, and anything that will make the costume more comfortable for you while wearing it over the next four days. Also pack regular clothing. You may decide to not dress up one of those days, and above all else you want to be comfortable.
  2. Prepare Your Back
    ...and prep your whole body. You'll be standing, sitting, and carrying around all the swag you'll buy at the con. Do some stretching or yoga to get your body feeling loose and ready to take on the con.
  3. Prepare Your Wallet
    We know you want all those sweet, sweet SDCC exclusives. But we also know you don't want to be broke. Pick out the items that you REALLY want, and save up. Remember to also stash away some cash for food and emergencies, and pull out cash at your bank before you go, so you know how much you have and you can avoid those steep ATM fees.
  4. Prepare Your Skin
    Sunscreen at SDCC is A MUST. There's so much going on outside the convention center that when you're wandering PetCo Park or the other activations, you're gonna need skin protection. Also, baby powder for those costumes that chafe will save you pain and irritation later.
  5. Prepare Your Liver
    Admit it: if you're over 21, there's some cocktails in your Comic Con future. While that's all well and good, you'll need to prepare to drink responsibly. Drink TONS of water during the day to prevent dehydration. Bring your own water bottle to avoid buying expensive water at the food vendors. Also try to bring snacks to eat while you're drinking and partying at all the con after parties. You don't wanna spend Saturday at the con hungover from Friday night drinking.
  6. Prepare Your Nose
    Did you know that deodorant is a wonderful thing? You'll definitely want to keep yourself smelling fresh as a daisy. Hang your clothes out at night to air them out, put some baking soda in your shoes, and again, put on that deodorant like there's no tomorrow. And keep yourself clean: SHOWER. You'll feel better when you're not feeling gross all weekend.
  7. Prepare Your Chargers
    The most difficult thing about cons is trying to find a wall plug to charge your phone. Don't be that guy who is camping out by a wall instead of on the con floor fully charged. ALWAYS charge your phone the night before, and think about investing in a portable charger. You'll be ready to go all weekend.
  8. Prepare Your Emotions
    So many guests and celebrities will be making appearances throughout Comic Con weekend, and you're going to want to feel ALL THE FEELS. It's up to you to keep your cool, whether it's at a panel, a signing, or a meetup. The talent will appreciate a fan more if they're calm and collected while telling them how much they enjoy their work. So practice your best smile for those photo ops, and keep your tears internal.
  9. Prepare To WAIT.
    We've all seen or been in those mile-long lines to Hall H to catch the panel that makes or breaks our Comic Con experience. But it can feel like a drag if you're bored out of your mind in line. Lines can actually be the best way to meet people! Bring snacks, a card game or two, even your DS to help the time pass a little quicker. You'll have fun catching Pokemon or playing Cards Against Humanity in line with your fellow nerds than if you just sit alone with nothing. And no one wants that.